Mindfulness benefits are plentiful especially for those feeling stressed, feeling anxious or suffering from clinical anxiety. To understand Mindfulness benefits, let’s begin by looking some of the causes of stress and anxiety.

While our working lives are busy enough, these days even our free time is usually occupied with smartphones and computers. How often do you find yourself distracted with emails, text messages, and social media messages? Similarly, our minds can feel like a relentless stream of thoughts, worries and emotions leading to increased stress and decreased concentration. We can feel a lack of control over our lives as we find ourselves purely reacting to situations rather than actively choosing how we want to respond.

While you might think that Mindfulness is about trying to silence the mind of these endless thoughts, but actually it teaches us to observe them non-judgmentally; so, they become only as valid as we choose to make them. Instead of dwelling on the past or the future, Mindfulness re-focuses our minds fully into the present moment, allowing us to appreciate even the tiniest moments. Practising Mindfulness has been shown to make people calmer, aid sleep, enhance concentration and relieve stress by giving the mind time to act rather than react. Mindfulness promotes a sense of wellbeing and control over one’s own life.