Mindfulness as a Life Skill Course is a 6 week Mindfulness Course in North West London. It is designed to improve your wellbeing.

Mindfulness as a Life Skill Course Benefits

Mindfulness is an essential life-skill for the 21st century. In the contemporary fast-paced globalized world, our brains are flooded with material facilitated by technological advances. Our high pressured and stressful lives have adverse impacts on both our work and personal lives. Arguably we are more brainful than mindful and less resilient.

Mindfulness training is synonymous with self-awareness and involves attention training, which results in:

  • Improved well-being, improved mental and physical health
  • Better coping with stress
  • Ability to connect with a place of calm in the midst of pressure
  • Clarity, focus and balance when you feel overwhelmed
  • A more compassionate and patient stance in the world
  • A better work and home balance
  • Improved relationship with yourself and with others
  • An increased sense of aliveness and energy,
  • Learning to peacefully accept and let go of what you cannot change

Mindfulness as a Life Skill Course London

6 week Course on Tuesday evenings (7pm to 9pm) at Trinity Church, 100 The Broadway, Mill Hill, London, NW7 3TB.

2018 Course commencing on:

9 January 2018  (9, 16, 23, 30 Jan & 6, 13 Feb) plus retreat day on 24 Feb 2018