My name is Dr Hagen Rampes. I am a Mindfulness Teacher / Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Teacher (MBCT) and the founder of Mindfulness Healing. As a Mindfulness Teacher I host Mindfulness Courses in London and Mindfulness Retreat Days in London. I teach private clients on a one to one basis online or in person. Clients are seen in mill hill, the city and in canary wharf locations. Home visits can be arranged. I offer introductory mindfulness workshops.

I have been a Consultant Psychiatrist for over twenty years and have, myself, a very curious mind. As well as practising conventional medicine and psychiatry, I have spent my life looking for more ways to help the people in my care. My curiosity has seen me embrace the world of complementary and alternative medicine including hypnotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, meditation and yoga, but always with a view to understanding scientifically how, and if, they work. I am a fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. I retired from medical practice in February 2021.

My passion for the subject saw me become a member of the Prince of Wales Integrated Healthcare Initiative to bring alternative practices into mainstream medicine. Yet I still felt a growing frustration between what I could offer my patients and what they really seemed to need. In 2011, I decided that what I really needed was a change, so I left the UK to work in Canada. It was then that I attended a lecture by Jon Kabat-Zinn on something called Mindfulness and I was completely blown away.


Mindfulness Practice is the switching from autopilot, the stepping back in our minds from thoughts on the past or future to concentrate entirely in the present. Simply put, once we become aware of how our thoughts are guiding us, we are better able to make more considered decisions about how to act. Through the guided breathing exercises of meditation and the movements of yoga, the mind is eased into a calmer, more reflective, state that brings proven relief from stress, depression and anxiety.

My Mindfulness Teacher Journey

For me, Mindfulness effortlessly combined all my passions in one. I was further astounded to discover that the co-founder of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Dr Zindel Segal, was working in the same hospital as me in Toronto. I eagerly took the chance to study MBCT from its founder and went on to train in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) in San Diego, again learning the practice from leading experts in the field.

Mindfulness Teacher London

Having relocated back to London I offer Mindfulness courses in groups in Mill Hill, London. I offer  private Mindfulness courses in your own home. I see clients in person 1:2:1 in Mill Hill, the City and Canary wharf in London. I teach clients 1:2:1 online.  I hold Mindfulness Retreat Days in Mill Hill, London. It’s a great to see the transformation in people completing the eight week MBCT course. I have seen individuals find real relief, whether using Mindfulness to ease stress, fend off depressive thoughts or cope with anxiety. I am listed as a Mindfulness teacher by Mindful Directory and listed on the international ACCESS MBCT.

If you would like to know more about Mindfulness and MBCT please click here to contact me.