With the Health and Safety Executive estimating that 11.3 million working days were lost in the UK during 2013 due to stress, depression and anxiety, it is clear that work-based stress is a major issue. Corporate Mindfulness training has been shown to help businesses cope with this issue by reducing stress and increasing productivity.

I offer bespoke corporate Mindfulness training which can help to:

  • Improve team working and reduce workplace conflict by creating a more considerate and harmonious working environment
  • Encourage creativity by approaching tasks responsively rather than reactively falling back on old habits
  • Allow employees to cope with feelings of stress, and find a better work-life balance
  • Promote more effective and considerate communication in the workplace
  • Help leaders and managers to adapt to the ever changing nature of business

Corporate Mindfulness Course Information

The skills and exercises taught on a corporate Mindfulness course are simple to apply and will benefit employees throughout their careers. Just a few minutes of Mindfulness exercises before a meeting has been shown to improve focus, productivity and create better team cohesion.

With my background in psychiatry and training in Mindfulness from leading experts in North America, I have a great understanding of the toll that work based stress can take. I offer tailor- made courses to suit your individual needs and bring you the full benefits of Mindfulness in the workplace.

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