Mindfulness Healing

Helping you find inner peace … practising mindfulness meditation has been shown to make people calmer, aid sleep, enhance concentration and relieve stress by giving the mind time to act rather than react. Mindfulness promotes a sense of wellbeing and control over one’s own life.


Mindfulness Healing London

Dr Hagen Rampes, retired Consultant Psychiatrist, is the founder of Mindfulness Healing in London.

I teach the 8 week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course to clients on a one to one basis online or in person. Home visits can be arranged in London. Mindfulness Practice is the switching from autopilot, the stepping back in our minds from thoughts on the past or future to concentrate entirely in the present. Simply put, once we become aware of how our thoughts are guiding us, we are better able to make more considered decisions about how to act. Through the guided breathing exercises of meditation and the movements of yoga, the mind is eased into a calmer, more reflective, state that brings proven relief from stress, depression and anxiety.

I teach a 6 week Radical Forgiveness online course one to one. The course is based on the book by Colin Tipping. Forgiveness complements Mindfulness and is important to healing and wellbeing. 

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

Radical Forgiveness Book Study Group